Lagelu FM

The principal aim for the establishment was to cater to the requirements of these individuals, serving ethnic, native and interesting content to provide listeners a brand new taste and value to native broadcasting. Our passion for reaching out to people from the grassroots is unrivaled. We boast of the highest quality programmes that link you to your origins, customs, culture and deliver the worth and high quality of the Yoruba heritage to the end.

We broadly concentrate for demography of 18 decades and over, having tons of informative, entertaining and educational programmes that reach people of any age bracket. We've got a remarkable belief in native radio broadcasting, bringing real, unbiased and excellent radio programming since it's intended to be. We cater for individuals from all works of life, irrespective of faith and ethnicity. In addition, we boast of wealthy pidgin content with experienced presenters. Why wait? We've got something for everybody. Lagelu 96.7 FM is a stage which you can use to maneuver your companies to the larger people and it's extremely inexpensive. We love you so we'd never leave doing business together beyond what you are able to afford. The very best indigenous broadcast channel in South-Western Nigeria, Lagelu 96.7 FM enjoys your dedication and love and immense dedication for us and we guarantee never to let you down.

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