Dream 92.5 FM

92.5 Dream FM is not just a radio station, it’s a Lifestyle! Dream FM embodies the urban youth and all those who aspire to be. We have a unique blend of entertainment gist, great topical discussions on relationships, lifestyle, sports and much, much more and of course, fantastic music hits from around the globe. After all we are all about ‘GOOD MUSIC – GOOD TALK’. Every young adult’s life is played on our station, influenced on our station and lives on our station. Meanwhile, we cannot forget our older clients, the MUSIC CONSCIOUS ADULTS, they too relate to the beat and enthusiasm of Dream Fm Experience.

The Dream FM listeners are the young, young at heart who thrives to be successful and appreciates style, latest gadgets, and fabulous social life. In reality, the dream listener is the ideal target audience for every advertiser, in short, what you may call a DREAM TARGET AUDIENCE.


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